After achieving remarkable success from piloting Eco-san toilet promotion project JADE further received fund from JICA and TOTO limited to replicate this new sustainable idea of sanitation technology over the country. Through the expansion of Eco-san toilet and information dissemination now it is a well known word especially among sectors peoples in Bangladesh. At present peoples of project areas are using toilet properly and use byproduct of toilet (dried excreta and urine) as manure in their farmland to produce crops and vegetables. By closing the loop of pollution it is successfully capable to manage sanitation, reduce health risk and medical expenditure as well as providing economic benefit. So it is appreciated by concerned authority and accepted by the users for its multidimensional advantages. Currently peoples from 27 districts are using this sanitation technology. Along with JADE some other organizations like UNICEF, World Bank, Australian embassy, Oxfam GB and different NGOs are coming forward to implement this sanitation technology. By this time private TV channels has telecasted acceptance and usefulness of Eco-san toilet. To popularize Eco-san toilet throughout the country government of Bangladesh has started to demonstrate.