Specialization of JADE

Japan Association of Drainage and Environment (JADE) is Japanese originated organization. In Bangladesh JADE has initiated its mission in 2004. By this time JADE in Bangladesh has expanded its activities in the field of environmental conservation, WASH, health (preventive & reproductive), nutrition; natural & climate induced disaster management, women empowerment, gender equity and humanitarian hardship reduction. As a whole the expertise of JADE Bangladesh is enriched with capacity building, implementation, dissemination, research and development in respective fields. JADE is a member of Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) forum. JADE is the pioneer of ecological sanitation in Bangladesh and has able to demonstrate ecological sanitation as one of the sustainable options of sanitary management in Bangladesh perspective. Its contribution proven enormous to conserve environment, improve public health and boost up economy. Bio-gas based community toilet is new addition by JADE to manage sanitation in densely populated urban slums.